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05 September 2015
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16 February 2005

The Paradox Community newsgroups are the heart of the community.  For a description of what a newsgroup is, check out the information on Google Groups, which has some background information and also some interesting historical content on Usenet itself.

The newsgroups exist so users can ask and answer questions, discuss programming and design techniques and technology issues.  As is the case whenever people come together, topics tend to range freely, so there is much more in the newsgroups than just Paradox Paradox Community Newsgroups

Postable HTML version
Postable HTML versions of the newsgroups, which allow you to read all newsgroups on pnews and to post messages to these groups without a newsreader, are now available. 

Search Old Posts 
Full-text searches of all previous threads on pnews.

Links to the Live Groups (click here for help setting up your newsreader)

Help with interactive use of the product (that is, accessing features through menus, dialogs, etc., not programming, not general database development questions):
Interactive Paradox

Help for general database development issues (including database design / theory, user interface design, distribution methods and other non-coding developer concerns):
Paradox Development

Help with ObjectPAL programming:
Paradox Programming

Help with internet/intranet development, including web page creation, Corel Web Server OCX configuration (stand alone or with other servers), etc.:
Paradox Internet/Intranet Development

Help with SQL/client-server issues:
SQL/CS Group

Help with all types of Paradox for DOS questions:
Paradox for DOS

Language-specific help or discussions:
Dutch Group
French Group
German Group
Italian Group
Russian Group
Spanish Group
Swedish Group
All Other Languages Group

Other groups:
General Discussions and Newsgroup Announcements
Discussions about the Future of Paradox
Support and Announcements of 3rd Party Tools and Software
Discussions of articles found on the Paradox Community site

Community Announcements

Frequently asked questions regarding Paradox and the Paradox Community Newsgroups (group is read-only):
Paradox FAQs

Other Paradox Newsgroups

comp.databases.paradox can now be reached through the Paradox Community news server. In addition, you may be able to subscribe through your ISP's news server, through Google's Groups, or via news.cis.dfn.de (by signing up for an account).

Corel Newsgroups

It should be noted that the Corel groups are currently moderated. This means there can be a considerable delay between sending your post and it showing up. It also means the post may be reviewed by at least one person and can be rejected if they don't approve of the content.

Help for general Paradox issues:
General Paradox

Help with ObjectPAL coding:
Paradox Developers (ObjectPAL)

Help with internet / intranet development, including web page creation, Corel Web Server OCX configuration (stand alone or with other servers), etc.:
Paradox Internet/Intranet Development

Frequently asked questions regarding Paradox:
Paradox FAQs

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